Your Role, Our Role

We each have responsibilities to support a positive learning environment.

Students’ Role

Students are responsible for:

  • Respecting school staff (they are given the power to enforce rules so that they can deliver a quality, safe education)
  • Behaving in ways that do not interfere with the right and safety of other students to learn
  • Following school and classroom expectations
  • Being on time and in class every school day

Your Role

As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for:

  • Reinforcing appropriate behavior with your child
  • Reviewing school rules and guidelines with your child (make sure they are familiar with and understand what’s expected)
  • Cooperating with school personnel in developing and carrying out specific consequences to repeated problems
  • Seeking out and using district and community resources, when necessary, to help correct your child’s misbehavior
  • Following up to make sure your child attends school

Staff Role

Our staff is responsible for:

  • Helping develop classroom rules
  • Developing classroom expectations and consequences and clearly teaching these to students and communicating them to parents
  • Establishing a positive classroom climate with an emphasis on appropriate student behavior
  • Communicating to students and parents regarding behavior success, behavior problems and possible solutions
  • Developing plans with students, parents, teachers and the principal for behavior improvement

Principal’s Role

Our principal is responsible for making sure:

  • Staff, students and parents are treated with respect and dignity
  • Rules and behaviors are carefully taught and enforced
  • Proactive behavior strategies and programs are in place
  • Positive reinforcement is given often
  • Corrective consequences are given
  • Teachers are supported by helping them develop behavior agreements with students and parents
  • Strong attempts are made to get at the cause of each problem
  • Behavior modifications will be viewed as a learning opportunity
  • Communication with all parties involved is vital