Proactive Strategies

We treat students as if they have already met the expectations of the school. We systematically teach behavior expectations throughout the year. Additionally, our school has the following resources to further build a positive school community:

  • School Buddies: Students who need additional attention can be assigned a parent volunteer who meets weekly with the student. The volunteer’s role is to provide unconditional positive attention
  • Bear Necessities: Senior community member members and parent volunteers come to school three mornings a week to read one-on-one with students.
  • Job Corps: This is a service learning opportunity for Brownsville students. Students apply for jobs that are helpful to the school
  • Counseling: Our school nurse, learning specialist and principal provide group and individual counseling. The counselor also provides parent support through training, individual interventions and connects families with outside resources.
  • Clubs: Math Olympiad club (by invitation only), chess club, cooking are among the clubs that Brownsville has sponsored.


We make strong attempts to understand the cause of an inappropriate behavior. Consequences will be assigned according to the seriousness of each situation. Our district uses progressive discipline, assigning more serious consequences to repeated inappropriate behavior. Staff and our principal will look for and use positive, proactive alternatives (like those mentioned above) to modify behavior. Communication between all parties involved is vital for a positive outcome.

Students are referred to the office for:

  • Physically hurting others/fighting
  • Defiance
  • Committing illegal acts, such as stealing, property damage, sexual harassment or bullying, weapons possession or making threats
  • Using inappropriate language
  • Repeat misconduct

Possible consequences for inappropriate behavior range from:

1. Warning

2. Time out

3. Parental contact

4. Classroom consequences

5. Loss of recess

6. Referral to the office

7. After-school detention

8. Exclusion from activities

9. Work detail

10. In-house suspension

11. Suspension at home

12. Expulsion for up to one year (guns at school result in a one-year expulsion)

13. Police action