Rules & Conduct

Each student who attends Brownsville has the right to a safe education in a positive learning environment. No student has the right to interfere with another child’s ability to learn or to feel uncomfortable in that learning environment.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on the following principles:

  • Cooperation and communication by school and home greatly improves student behavior.
  • All students can behave appropriately.
  • All students have human dignity and worth.
  • Appropriate behavior should be taught and reinforced at school and home.
  • Students need a climate of warmth and support to make appropriate choices.
  • Behavior is reinforced by its consequences, both positive and negative.
  • Students need to be informed of rules and consequences many times throughout the year, prior to those consequences being imposed.
  • Students are accountable for their choices and actions.
  • Behavior modification is a learning activity.

Discipline is a shared responsibility between student, parent and staff working together to promote a safe and positive learning environment. Four “C”s guide our work with your child:

  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Consistency


Our district Student Rights and Responsibility guide includes a discipline code of conduct and potential consequences for inappropriate behavior. Our staff develops and regularly reviews with students classroom rules and consequences.

General School Rules

  • Gum is not allowed at school
  • Hats are not allowed in the building except on designated special occasions
  • Students must have a pass when going to the library, using the restroom or entering the building during recess or lunchtime

Dress Code & Rainy Day Attire

We recognize that student dress and appearance are the primary responsibilities of the parent. However, dress and appearance must not present health or safety problems, cause a disruption or create an immediate or substantial risk of disruption at school or at sponsored activities.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Wear appropriate shoes (no flip flops/sandals that do not stay in place on foot while running/jumping).
  • No shirts with profanity or inappropriate themes (drugs, alcohol, profanity or violence).
  • Hats are not allowed in the building except on designated special occasions.
  • Shoes appropriate for PE must be worn on days when students have PE. No boots, sandals or hard-soled shoes.  Please check with your child to find out their PE days.
  • See school board policy 3224:  Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities, including physical education/recess, and other activities.  

Rainy Days

On rainy days that are not downpours, students will go outside for recess. The fresh air and opportunity for physical activity are important. Please send your child to school with appropriate rain gear. If rain is heavy, we will keep students inside for recess.

Restroom Procedures

  • Students must use a pass to go to the restroom
  • Use a direct route to the closest bathroom
  • Respect others' privacy
  • Respect natural and building resources (water, power, paper towels)
  • Use at appropriate times
  • Use quiet voices
  • Wash hands with soap and water

Hallway Procedures

  • Walk quietly on the right side of the hallway
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Use quiet voices
  • Respect the building
  • Go directly to your destination
  • All teachers escort the whole class everywhere (such as to lunch or library)
  • Use single-file lines for the whole class

Lunchroom Behavior

  • Stand in line
  • Sit at assigned tables
  • Return to the table after getting lunch
  • Raise your hand to be dismissed
  • Clean trays at station
  • Use the lunch carts appropriately
  • Exit promptly
  • Get a pass if you need to leave the area
  • Be respectful and use manners
  • Teachers should walk students in and make sure they get what they ordered
  • Use the bathroom before going to the lunchroom

Salad bar:

  • Take only what you will eat
  • You make take one dessert and two fruits or vegetables from the salad bar
  • Use serving utensils properly, and never touch the food with your hands

Assembly Behavior

  • Walk quietly into the gym
  • Fifth graders carry chairs carefully in front of them at waist level
  • Sit flat on the floor, or flat in chairs with all four legs of the chair on the floor
  • Respond to the "Give Me Five" signal by raising your hand, stopping all talking and looking at the speaker
  • When given the signal, stand quietly for the flag salute
  • Listen quietly to the assembly without talking
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • At the end of the assembly, applaud politely without cheering
  • Wait quietly until the principal or your teacher dismisses you

Playground Behavior

  • Use equipment safely and return to appropriate bins (leave equipment outside)
  • Play cooperatively and follow standard game rules
  • Play only in assigned areas
  • Respectfully follow directions of adults on duty
  • Keep running to grassy areas
  • Keep bark where it belongs
  • Passes are required to enter the building
  • Treat others with kindness
  • Respectfully follow directions of adults
  • No toys from home
  • Wear appropriate shoes (no flip flops/sandals that do not stay in place on foot while running/jumping)
  • Last recess: return all equipment to bins

Emergency and Drill Procedures

  • When an emergency or drill is announced, immediately stop all actions and talking and listen carefully for adult direction
  • Follow directions carefully and immediately
  • Remain calm and quiet at all times
  • When directed, exit the building silently to assigned area
  • Continue to remain silent, following all directions given

Bus Rules and Expectations

Learn more about keeping yourself and others safe on the bus on our bus safety and rules page.