Principal Welcome Message

Welcome Brownsville Bears!

The 2019-2020 school year will be our 65th school start!  Brownsville is a special place filled with history. You can’t walk down Memorial Hallway without stopping to find a picture of a favorite teacher, an old childhood friend, or a family member.  While Brownsville loves it’s history, we also are looking to the future.

Our mission at Brownsville:  We are a community of innovative problem solvers.  We collaborate and persevere to prepare for our future.

Community:  we are part of the Brownsville Community.  We work together to make Brownsville a better place.  Whether participating in Brownsville Appreciation Days or working the garden at Brownsville Methodist Church, we are always looking for ways to partner with our neighbors.

Innovative:  We are a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) school.  We unite content areas so students learn through real world problems.  This includes many hands on activities in STEM to prepare for future problems and solutions.

Collaborative:  Our students learn to work together to solve problems,  learn new content and design solutions.

Persevere:  We use what some may think as failure to come back with a better solution.  Learning comes from making mistakes and our students take risks with their learning.

Brownsville will continue to represent it’s past as a community school while keeping an eye on the future through STEM.  We are excited to partner with you as parents, volunteers or neighbors. Join us for a year of learning through volunteering in classrooms, joining our PTSA or mentoring a student.  

Stacey Krumsick