Our district supports a strong music program. Each year, students explore a variety of music and sounds. They use their voices, bodies and instruments in games and activities as they explore elements of music.

Students discover and eventually learn to perform a variety of types, styles and genres of music. Those styles range from children’s songs and folk songs to classical music and world music.

Our music teachers are:

  • Rick Vandenhole, Music Click Here to sign up for Choir

For more information on our music programs please click here to visit Mr. Vandenhole's site.  

  • Wade Demmert, Band 11:55 to 12:25 (Everyday)
  • Gabe Palmer, Orchestra 11:55 to 12:25 (Everyday) 


2019-2020 Specialist Schedule

Music M/W
P.E. T/F
Music T/F
P.E. M/W
 Angsuco Walker  
Krafcik Stewart  
Moore Wetherby  
Beasley Brockett  
 Hegtvedt Kirk  
Lunch/Planning Lunch/Planning  
Peters Niekamp  
Schuyten Gesell  
King + Kirchner Whitney + Kirchner  Jutilla + Kirchner
Robertson + Brown Yeager + Brown   LaPorte + Brown