Secure Entrance
Secure Entrance Coming
Posted on 08/20/2018
Future entrance illustration

Construction is coming to our front doors. In preparation, our main office has temporarily moved. You will need to go to the front of the building, to the left of the main entrance, to enter our office.

This work is just one of the ways we’re changing to help us know who is in our school at all times.

Soon, all visitors will enter only through the front door, allowing our office staff to greet them before allowing them into the school. We’re also adopting a new process to screen visitors. We’ll provide more details on that once construction is complete.

Safe & Secure Entrance

Construction crews are reconfiguring our entrance and installing a keyless entry system and outside security cameras. While crews work, one side of the entrance and the waiting area of our office will be closed.

When the work is done, we will lock almost all doors into the school during school hours. Visitors will come in through the main entrance, then into our office waiting area. Our office staff can then unlock an inner door into the school.

We expect crews to finish by December.