What Students Learn

What your child learns in elementary school sets the foundation for their academic success. The state sets learning standards for each grade level. They describe what skills and knowledge students are expected to gain by the end of the school year. Visit our district website to find out more about learning standards.

You are our partner in helping your child learn. The better you understand what we teach in class, the better you can help your child at home. Visit our district website to find out what we teach at each grade level, and find resources for strengthening those skills:

Engage NY Math Curriculum

Our students use a math curriculum called Engage NY.  Engage NY is the only math curriculum that was created starting with the Common Core Standards.  The goal of Engage NY is to "engage" students in rigorous and conceptual-based mathematical thinking.

This adventure into conceptual thinking can be unfamiliar and confusing for many parents.  To help, we’ve compiled resources from many schools to help you understand and to help you assist your child:

Your Child's Progress

Your child's teachers will use many tools to check your child's progress. Teachers observe how their students are doing in class. They also use quizzes and formal tests throughout the year. Visit the district website to learn more about the most common tests students take. Visit our grading page to learn more about how your child’s progress will be reflected on report cards.