1st Session Clubs:  October 9 through November 17

Tuesday Harry Potter Roxann Stewart 8:15-9:00 Room 50
Lego Club Kelli Eastman 3:30-4:15 Gym
Lego Robotic Jane Angsuco 3:30-4:15 Room 59
STEM Club Karen McCormick 3:30-4:15 Room 1
Art Club Mindy Halstead 3:30-4:15 Libary
Cooking Club Janet Hegtvedt 3:30-4:30 Staff Room
Wednesday Choir Rick Vandenhole 8:00-9:00 Music Room
Spanish 3:30-4:40 Room 1
Thursday Book Club Hedi Erickson 12:35-1:10 Libary
Friday Choir Rich Vandenhole 8:00-9:00 Music Room

Second session of clubs will start in January. Please look for sign up information in December.  If you are interested in running a club please call the office at 360.662.8000 and speak with Kim.  Or you can email either Kim San Fellipo or Lara Richardson