Through our health and fitness program, students develop the concepts and skills necessary for a safe, active and healthy life. Our P.E. instructor is Mindy Halstead.

Our students have PE on either:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Shoes appropriate for PE must be worn on days when students have PE. No boots, sandals or hard-soled shoes. Please check with your child to find out their PE days.

​To learn more about your students PE grade please click on the following links:
     --Daily Performance Grade 
     --Letter, Grading and Rubric for 4th and 5th Grade
     --Letter, Grading, and Rubric for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
2017-2018 Specialist Schedule

Music M/W
P.E. T/F
Music T/F
P.E. M/W
Stewart (Angsuco) Pittman (Angsuco)
Robertson Yeager
McCormick Moyer
Niekamp Kirk
Rowell Kirchner
Brown Richardson
Lee  Payfer
Hegtvedt (Peters) Payfer/Schuyten (Peters)
Wetherby (Moore) Krafcik (Moore)