Visiting & Messages

Adults are welcome to visit our school as either a guest or volunteer. If you want to visit a classroom, please make arrangements in advance with the teacher.

We ask all visitors to sign in at the office before going into the classroom and to sign out before leaving the school. Please do not sign in to take things to the classroom, such as homework, lunch, notes, etc. The office will deliver these to the classroom to decrease classroom interruptions.

Sign In, Sign Out

Volunteers and visitors must enter at the front office entrance, sign in and out, and wear a badge for identification. The process for screening and tracking volunteers will be enforced. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about volunteering in our school.

All employees will approach adults in the school who do not have identification and direct them to the office.

Messages to Students (for Emergencies)

The school telephone is extremely busy. Consequently, telephone messages for children must be limited to emergencies only. It is often very difficult to locate students at dismissal time with last-minute instructions. We suggest that you ask a neighbor to meet your child at his usual destination and relay the necessary message if arrangements cannot be made before they leave home in the morning.

Children are not permitted to use the school telephone to request permission to visit friends, etc. after school. These arrangements must be made before school or after arriving home.

Party Invitations

We ask that all birthday party or any other party invitations be distributed outside the classroom and school environment. This prevents hurt feelings in school when a child is not invited.