Principal Welcome Message
PictureMr. Toby Tebo Principal

Welcome back!  

On the first day of school, I was jazzed seeing the excitement on the faces of students, teachers, and families entering the hallways.  I love the nature of a new school year, giving everybody a fresh start to strive towards their best self.  As we attempt to improve as a school, it’s encouraging to look back and see what we’ve accomplished and create plans on how we can better meet the needs of our students.

 Last year was successful on many levels.  Our staff worked diligently to create engineering/science learning experiences for our students.  A component of this was the creation of numerous STEM “field experiences” for our students to get real-world STEM application.  These trips included a visit to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to explore how they conserve water and energy, a visit to PSNS to work with engineers on underwater submersibles, a trip to Grover’s Creek Hatchery to learn the life cycle of salmon, and a visit to a fly fishing factory.  Our students were also able to tour an actual nuclear submarine, we had a weather station installed, students began experimenting in our MakerSpace, and we had our first STEM Family Night.   This work directly led to our school being selected as a Washington State Innovative School, one of only 3 elementary schools and 7 schools statewide, that received this honor.

 Success was also measurable, as our students continue to perform at high levels, as compared to other schools in the district and state.  On the State Assessment, our students outperformed the state average by between 20-30%.  As compared to other CKSD Schools, our students were in the top 3 in each grade level and subject, and at numerous areas, we were the highest performing school.  Our 5th Grade Science MSP scores were at 80%+ for the third year in a row, one of only 2 schools in our District and one of a handful in the state to reach this level of consistency.  At each grade level K-3, nearly 90% of our students were reading at grade level, which is a testament to our strong LAP Reading Assistance Program and skilled instruction by our teachers.

 This year, our Staff Goal is to make our STEM Program systematic and sustainable…or in other words “Stem Able”.  We will be working diligently to curriculum map our engineering and scientific themes for each grade, making sure to cover all scientific disciplines across the school.  We’ll be working with the District STEM Coach to design units of study that take students from basic knowledge up to application of scientific principles.  This work will be emphasized deeply in grades 3-5, while grade K-2 will continue to focus on all kids being strong readers and users of numbers so that they can later apply these basic skills to deeper learning.

 We’ll also continue to have a blast hear at Brownsville.  Our PTSA is stronger than ever, and it will be providing family fun nights, special events, and the level of student support that helps Brownsville shine.  Our club system will be starting in early October with numerous offerings to help our kids all get involved in extracurricular activities.  We will also continue Brownsville traditions such as the talent show, art show, beach trips, and others that our community loves.

 As we begin our work together, let’s be teammates.  Let your students know that you are a partner in their education.  Let us remember that together, we can provide the best for our students.


  Mr. Tebo